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Dreamland Trek & Tour is run by a blend of youth and experience. A team of local Ladakhis based in the heart of Leh. has been organizing adventure activities in various parts of Ladakh, Zanskar and Changthang, since1994. We strongly believe in Responsible-Tourism and Sustainable Tourism that strives to minimize its impact on the environment, to respect and benefit local people and their cultures. Ladakh is ideal ground for pilgrimage journeys to these age-old pillars of Tibetan Buddhism.

It is also a region where ancient trade caravans once passed through on their way to the teeming markets of Central Asia. Numerous monasteries lie within easy driving distance from Leh while others are more remote and require a few days to reach. Each region and almost each village in Ladakh has its own monastery. Home to student monks and nuns many of these edifices stand on rugged mountain sides high above the valley floor and provide religious sustenance to the local populace strengthening their beliefs and traditions. All our pilgrimage journeys are undertaken by Jeeps that provideeasy accesseven to remote areas. We offer four selective pilgrimagejourneys that very much take in the major accessiblemonasteries and the villages that once hosted traders of thefabled silk route.We cover all the major festivals happening in the fascinating land of Ladakh.

How We Look After the Environment
Economic :
We make every effort to purchase locally grown fresh food and employ local people and ponies during the trekking season. Whenever we camp in a village or a pasture we pay a fee for each trekker using the campsite. Grazing fees are also paid to the local people for the ponies used during your trek. We will make stops along to way at tea tents run by women’s groups. Here you can rehydrate, buy locally grown or produced products and help Ladakhi women join the cash economy.

To book the trek and for a detailed day by day itinerary and to know what includes please email us at OR

Reducing Environmental Impact
Our guides will make every effort to pack out what we pack in. You should do the same with any non perishable items. Give any garbage you do not wish to carry to your support staff. As a responsible member of the local travel operators, comprised of most Ladakhi trekking companies, we send a team of staff and ponies through the popular trekking routes at season end to collect any garbage thoughtlessly left by others. We encourage the use of the typical Ladakhi composting pit toilets in established campsites. They are quite sanitary, with little odor as a result of the dry climate. After the waste has composted adequately it is used as a valuable source of fertilizer for fields. 

How We Look After Your Health While Trekking
This is a part of the Markha Valley trek, famous for wild animals, National Geographic made an award winning documentary in the Rumbak valley regarding Snow Leopards. This is the perfect trek if you are looking for a shorter option, beautiful view and moderate difficulty.

Our guides are careful to prepare your meals with your enjoyment in mind. Typically these plentiful meals will be primarily vegetarian in nature with some meat or protein in the form of canned fish or tofu. This is typical of the Ladakhi diet in general.

Our guides are encouraged to use hand sanitizers such as alcohol based gels prior to food preparation. You are encouraged to do the same.
Dishes are typically stainless steel bowls and pans and are cleaned after meals with scrub pads and soap.

Our staff will provide rehydrating liquids in large quantities throughout your trek. Take advantage of tea, coffee, juice boxes and water whenever you can.

At altitude it is typical not to feel much hunger or thirst. Make sure you stay adequately fed and drink plenty of fluids, both at meals and along the trail. Particularly during the summer, heat can be a real factor requiring significant intake of liquids while you trek. Carry 2 liters of water with you.

Our guides will make every effort to pace your day so you are not pushed to your physical limits. This means you will be getting up and away in good time so your day will allow a consistent but moderate pace.

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma or other chronic illness it would be wise to let Dreamland Trek and Tour know of this condition prior to leaving Leh. This way your guide will understand that you have medication along with you should someone other than yourself have to administer the drugs.

Preparation for altitude during the trek is vital. Acclimatize in Leh prior to departure on your trek. Take at least 4 days doing tours or other easy to moderate physical activity prior to beginning your trek. If possible start low and go slowly for the first few days of your trek. Some routes will not allow this, so acclimatization is even more important in these cases.

Prior to your trek meet with your doctor and discuss your overall physical condition and your doctor’s recommendation for high altitude medication. You may also wish to discuss treatment and medication for traveler’s diarrhea as you experience new foods and bacterial environments.

With these simple ideas in mind, your trekking experience will be most enjoyable for you and other travelers along the way.
























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